Church Books Built on Storied Architecture by Design

Find us in the closet, on the top shelf

When you find yourself surrounded by books eight feet high and climb the stairs only to hit a glass ceiling, then you know you’re working in publishing. They’ve stuck me in this ‘room’ and locked the closet door. There must be a way out of here. I heard they’re hiring at Church Publishing.

After spending this week curled up on the sofa working on the fifth edition of Cosmo Starlight’s “Freedom Incorporated” my work’s still not complete, click the photo below to read the novel’s description.

Ramsa sofa by Younes Duret

Ramsa sofa by Younes Duret

Sometimes I think Church is a made up story. Actually it is, it’s a publishing company. Books are our foundation butI can’t see any books laying around, they’re all on my computer screen!  It’s almost as if our President has reallocated everything in print just to build his ehouse, sparing trees that could be used for a more useful purpose like building his shelter. eLit really proves reading is more economical and accessible online.

courtesy of

If only there were a way for the people to see just how many books there are to choose from online. Here it is!

courtesy of mother nature network

Believe it or not, the world was built on books. Everything you see and touch, eat, smell, learn about and repeat is in a book someplace. Books have been used for hundreds of years to build our societies.

And in the future books will still exist but there won’t be as many per capita print editions (per title). At our level of technological advancement trees are better serving as bookshelves,

from Not Tom design studio

as desks,

at TU Delft architecture bibliotheek

and as repurposed chairs.

Furniture made by Alvaro Tamarit posted on ‘Colossal,’ Art and Visual Ingenuity, Colossal

It scares some people the world will no longer look like this,

at Shakespeare & Company

or like this.

But many people aren’t turning books into trash.

Copyright: Alicia Martin, Biografias 2003. Casa de América, Palacio de Linares, Madrid. Foto: Mario Marquerie

Books aren’t on the chopping block.

made by Jane Dandy

They’re being more cleanly displayed,

design by Lu Chieh-Hua and Cheng Tzu-Hao

and preserved behind glass to last a life time.

John Rylands Library courtesy of John Heskes’ photostream

In the future there will even be places you can find books shelved on walls. Don’t freak out when bookshelves aren’t traditionally constructed either.

image tag kocham

So relax, become an ebook person!

courtesy of Thread Fashion, a Kiwi company

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