Undress It With Your Eyes: Tinder for Books

Riffle, a social media site exclusively for readers, is finally launched. Riffle has visual appeal. A window full of covers fills the browser; click on the one that attracts your attention, the cover pops to fill a quarter of the screen and a brief synopsis appears beside it. Buttons above the description: Want to read, reading now, have read, recommend, and share. Or you can pick nothing and return to the homepage to gander another.

Starting your account is simple. Log in with facebook, answer five questions and then you’re good to go. Riffle will ask for the genres you’re interested in.  This may be your most important choice because those chosen will determine who you follow.  You discover new books via network recommendations and your network is based upon what you like, so select your interests wisely. The site will ask What are you reading now? What books do you like? What genres are you interested in? Welcome to Riffle!

Battle Royale

From the homepage you can star books you’re interested in, mark the books you’re reading, check books off you’ve read, and heart books to recommend them.  The Foundation Pit is a book I’ve announced to my friends that I’m interested in.

The Foundation Pit

After users star the recommendations you’ve made it’ll build an influence score. Hopefully this reduces the probability you’ll be sifting through hundreds of covers before finding something you think is worthy of your time.

The site did give me a few problems. The three favorites I listed when starting the experience never appeared up in my profile. Later, when searching for books, the search bar did not accept the return command. That’s a major error. Also, it’s not clear where the site pulls a novel’s information from.


The best part of the site is your profile. Twenty one questions pair a book with an event.  What book keeps you awake at night? Otherwise, the site is very simply big, beautiful covers.  That’s what we like that about it.

Visual is not a term commonly attributed with literature, they’ve never been paired before.  As technology continues to alter perception, maybe this will usher a day when you really can judge a book by its cover…that is, after your friend has fallen asleep with your favorite novel under her bed lamp.

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