Freedom Inc.

Church Publishing has spent the past several weeks editing the fifth edition of Freedom Incorporated for re-release.  The Company produces books, we’d like to outsource our editing so we’re searching for someone who can put words into our mouth.  If you know someone with a mastery of the English language we’d like to hear from them!

*Update. Visit the Coming to Church page for more details on how to become the Company’s copy-editor.

The fifth edition of Freedom Incorporated is being re-designed for readability.  We’ve added ten percent to the body and taken five away, fifteen percent of the novel employs new wording.  It’s such a significant change we plan on assigning a new ISBN.  We’ve also added table of contents hyperlinks, new front matter, and an author bio for author Cosmo Starlight.  That, plus we’ve written a dream Noodle had to highlight his motivation for driving to President’s Compound (when he was followed by Arabian Knights).  We may add more deleted scenes, so to speak, but haven’t yet worked them in.

Of course, smashwords customers who’ve already purchased Freedom Incorporated will be able to access this enhanced fifth edition epbulication.  After purchasing Freedom Inc. using etailers such as iBookstore and others, availability of updated versions varies by store policy.  Until then, check out this alternative cover posted below.  Spoiler Alert!  The remainder of this post reveals plot lines. Purchase a 4th edition copy of Freedom Incorporated by Cosmo Starlight now!  The 5th edition is coming soon!

Copyright © 2013 Church-Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Church-Publishing

Freedom Incorporated, the massive low-security work camp, began in nineteen thirty-two after wardens’ first lost control of wealth and power. So they built a state-controlled bank to manage the economic system. Subsequent generations each fought to control Freedom by laying their own bricks atop these walls that imprison us all. There was an awakening, people woke up to the prison in the sixties and human rights leaders stood against oppressive controls. Those leaders, spied on by wardens, were assassinated. It back-fired, assassination provided martyrs to lead freedom eternally.  As electronic technology progressed, various wardens progressed from opening rivals’ mail to listening in on their telephone lines.  Along with digital technology came more big ideas: Freedom Incorporated would work as a massive low-security prison that used computers to run cameras, record cell phone calls, read electronic mail, monitor web-browsing history and review shopping habits. Now, when prison rights leaders start leading accidents will silence their voices before the people start listening.  If no one knows, then nobody will investigate foul play.

In Freedom, Noodle Church fills in a national security questionnaire to join the army.  While the security clearance is being processed, Noodle receives a mysterious job offer to work at a mafia owned nightclub and as it happens, a half-dozen other security applicants from various branches of government show up too. Soon after opening, someone attempts to murder a patron. They weren’t there to investigate; management instructed employees ‘no one talks to police.’

Wardens were distracted by two international wars, domestic policy was being overrun with special interest groups, and the country was heading toward bankruptcy.  After Noodle discovered a conspiracy to traffic narcotics he quit the nightclub and took it upon himself to catch the Terrorist.  When nobody thanked him, after someone tried to kill him Noodle realized everyone in this fictional country is living in a massive work camp.  He tried to escape and found himself running through the low security, medium-security, high-security, maximum-security, and super-max prison wards.  Now he lives in  solitary confinement where he’s writing you, to the people of Freedom Incorporated, using free-ink.

Starlight’s cover is a double entendre.  The people of Freedom Incorporated, more affectionately known as Freedom Inc., are fighting back using Freedom Ink instead of bombs, bullets, powders or policemen.

While we witness our own, real life, countries increase domestic surveillance capability, Starlight’s novel resonates with people all over the world. Instead of making a political statement his book is meant to inspire folks who read Freedom Incorporated to declare:  We won’t want to live there! It’s not the governments or militaries that we have to worry about anymore.  It’s him, you, and me!

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