La Policia


Friends have complained, society is being controlled by the imposition of martial law.  While living in western nations, under constant surveillance, I certainly understand what these friends perceive.  Yet I find their definition is misfired at people who protect freedom.

Martial law is rule by military forces.  Police detect crime.  Politicians rule what is criminal. Politics determines what crimes, if any, have been committed and thus, police are politicians’ muscle.

In The United States the politic is supposed to be representative of the people yet politicians have militarized their police forces.  Today we live under po-litical and po-lice rule, not martial law.  Let me show you the contrast.





Two pictures contain soldiers.  They are dressed in fatigues.  The other two photos are police.  Those photos bear the word police.  See if you can find the photo some politicians have called terrorists.  It’s unbelievable!



So what’s wrong with permitting peers to call living inside a militarized police state martial law? Simply that it’s a false label, detrimental to heroes who’ve served or sacrificed for common good, and counter-productive to the majority of people’s goal. There’s a difference between military forces and militarized police. But if I point out all the differences then actors might change their roles, police will start wearing fatigues and terrorists will start flashing peace signs, the people and their politicians start to confuse them again .

So view it this way:  The line between soldiers and police are the locations they’ve slept.  Cops get to sleep at home in local communities while soldiers sleep in conflict zones.  Look at all four pictures again. As our own societies increase their domestic security programs don’t be fooled into thinking that’s martial law, it’s not. We’re residing in a Political Mobocracy where the powerful use police to control the powerless. So welcome to the party.

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